EchoSystem Product Roadmap
2023 Q4
Updated Login Experience
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Attendance by Code
Improved Poll Deck Editor
Improved Hotspot Question
Additional Settings for Poll Questions

Instructors will see expanded options for Poll Questions when creating a new slide. Settings include response limits for multiple response questions, speed scoring, advanced scoring options, additional chart options, and more!

Updated Tables and Reporting

We're updating all of our tables and reporting throughout the product to give instructors and administrators more flexibility in the application. Adjust any table to fit your needs by choosing which columns are shown or hidden, and what order the columns display in. Filter and sort data to exactly what you need, including advanced filters on any column, the ability to group data and create a hierarchy, options to add summary rows with totals and averages, and more!

Take Attendance During a Session
Admin Dashboard

With the EchoPoll administrator dashboard, see metrics and reports across your entire organization. Easily get the information you need, right at your fingertips.

SMS / Text Message Responses for Live Sessions
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Institution Wide Reporting
Decoupling Course Dependency
Answer Choice Display "0,1,2"
Learner Dashboard
Capture Clicker Responses with EchoPoll
Instructor Dashboard Assist for Poll Decks
Download Detailed Reports
Filter by Resource Type
Admin Permissions
Case-Sensitive Setting for Open Response Questions